1 Month To Go

So with less than a month until I report, freaking out (right photo) doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m handling things, not that you would know from looking at me (left photo).

I’m trying to take my mind mind off things by making lists of things to get, shopping and coming up with outfit combinations (because the most important thing about being a Sister missionary is looking good, right?!). But by making my extensive lists I make myself paranoid that I’ve missed something off; thus starting the whole stressed disposition all over again. Which is where my favourite and most used tool comes in to play: prayer.


Prayer, for me, is one of the best tools we’ve been given by our Heavenly Father, and I’ve never used it as often as I have during this time. Needless to say that I’m not perfect in using prayer, and I’m ashamed to say that I don’t use it often enough to give thanks – but when it comes to my needs, I blabber away. However, I’m trying to improve my prayer habits which is the main thing. I know that answers may not come instantly, although they sometimes do, but they always come; even if it is only in hindsight that you recognise them.

“Revelation is a reality. It comes in the Lord’s way and according to the Lord’s timetable.” Elder Richard G. Scott

One of my favourite places to converse with the Lord is in the Temple; there’s something about the Celestial Room that brings a spirit of comfort and peace which I so desperately need right now. Prayer is nothing without faith and trust in the Lord, and I have a solemn testimony of those three things, because I’ve exercised them.

On the less spiritual side…

Let me tell you about my lists and plans. I’ve compiled an extensive list containing the approx. 217 items that will be the contents of my suitcases for the next 18 months.

So far I have 28 tops, 11 skirts and 3 dresses giving me a total of 210 outfit combinations – to some this will be a crazy amount considering what they suggest in your call packet but trust me, I know of Sisters who have taken much more! Who knows if all the 217 items on my list will fit in my 2 suitcases, satchel and carry on. It’s safe to say that I don’t travel light, I mean I usually take 2 big bags to a 1 night sleepover…At least I’ll be prepared!

Now for my future plans: in an effort to distract from my imminent departure I have started to plan what I’ll do with my life when I get home. So, I’ll get home in the late summer of 2017 after which I will travel to Glasgow, Scotland to begin my Bachelors Degree in Architecture. For my second year I desperately want to do a year abroad. I’ve been looking at my University’s list of other Universities that it’s affiliated with and I’ve got my eye on a few places: The California College of the Arts in San Francisco (I fell in love with this city in 2014 and I’m dying to go back), The Pratt Institute in New York City (again another childhood dream to live in such a cosmopolitan city), Politecnico di Milano in Italy (also another city that I’m in love with, plus I’ll be able to speak Italian!) and other options include studying in Scandinavia, mainland Europe, Australia and New Zealand. As you can see the possibilities are quite exciting and hopefully I might love my year abroad so much that I’ll return to do my Masters Degree after graduating in 2020. But as I’ve found out the hard way, my plans aren’t always the plans my Heavenly Father has for me, and I know his plans will be far greater than I could ever imagine – just need to exercise that trust and faith!

Excuse the ramblings…

Sorry to just ramble my thoughts into my first blog post; future posts will be complied by my Mother who’s going to be updating you while I’m away, and she’s much more organised, professional and less scattered than I am! Just understand that I’m going crazy counting down the days and now I understand just how therapeutic blogging is!

If you could gain anything from this post, know that it’s okay to be scared of the unknown but don’t let that fear override your faith. Also, please know that I don’t regret nor will I ever regret the decision to serve a mission.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts, and that if you’re considering serving a mission yourself: pray about it, and I hope that I will inspire you to serve.


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