Farewell; the adventure begins….



The alarm went off at 02:45 so we could leave for the airport at 03:30; too early.

Three flights: Bristol, Amsterdam and Portland to get to Salt Lake, with just an hour for each transfer. Stressful!!!

Maja was met by dear friends and spent the night at their home before Janet dropped her at the MTC on Tuesday morning. 


Sorry I would’ve emailed earlier but I fell asleep after dinner!! I’ve been awake for 24 hours so I think it was allowed! The journeys were okay, transfers were stressful as I definitely needed more time, especially Portland – I was asking all of the staff if they thought I would make it and most of them said no… I had to be rushed through customs and through baggage claim and then had to run (as best as I could with all my stuff and in a skirt) to the gate, which I made in time!!!

My address is:
Sister Maja Karlsson Tacchi
2005 N 900 E Unit 117
Provo UT 84602


Sorella Tacchi xxx


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