Week 1 – MTC

FIRST WEEK COMPLETE! Gosh, it feels like 10 years ago I entered the MTC because we have so much to do each day, but that also makes the days pass by really quickly! The majority of the days we have two 3 hour class periods [one of which is usually used to teach our investigator Simone (male)], which is intense, then we have an hour of personal, companion and language study respectively. Then usually 40 mins to eat each meal. The days are PACKED!!!!

I had to go and see the nurse and schedule my next twinrix jab – it’s going to cost $99….. BUT I had a lovely package from Vaughn and Linda with some treats and $100 – what a blessing!!!! Also received a package from the Tacchi’s and Susie Biggs!! Lovely to know that I am loved.

My companion, Sorella (Hannah) Jarnagin, is from Monroe, Utah, I’m blessed to have such a great companion that I get along with so well!! The other two Sorelle are also from UT – and yes, not only am I the only European, I am the only non-american!!! Everyday they all comment on my English accent – it can get annoying – but we all laugh about it. They all find it funny when I try and do an American accent – apparently I sound like I’m from Nebraska.

S. Jarnagin and I also bought matching Tees yesterday (photo)


I really want some normal food – the food at the MTC is all american and sweet!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Oh well, salad is good enough.

I’m looking forward to the temple today – I’ll send you photos next week. We also get to do a temple walk every Sunday too!!

I’m the music coordinator for my branch which is cool!!!! The branch presidency is lovely!

Please know that I know the church is true with out a doubt in my mind – I have witnessed too many miracles to deny a living God and a loving Saviour and received so many answers to prayers too!!!

I love this gospel, and that is what keeps me going when I feel low!

Thanks for your prayers, I love you so much!

Love you,

Sorella Tacchi



My district, from L to R: Anziano Alexander, Anziano Hansen, Anziano Ridd, Anziano Boscan, Sorella Tacchi, Sorella Jarnagin, Sorella Dustin and Sorella Crandell.


My zone (before the previous Milano’s left, they stayed because of visa problems); including the Branch Presidency and their wives.

Sorella Jarnagin and Tacchi

Sorella Jarnagin and Sorella Tacchi



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