P Day email

Well this has been yet another busy week! The temple was lovely on Thursday – did some more work for the family on the other side!


The spirit is so so so key to missionary work – so if you could send me some talks on recognising the spirit that would be fab!

Easter Sunday was so lovely at the MTC; Elder M. Russell Ballard came to speak
Io so che Anziano M. Russell Ballard e (w/accent) una vera profeta di Dio e anche che il mio Salvatore vive e ci ama! So questa perche (with accent on the e) il Spirito Santo ha testimonitato a me. So privileged to hear from a true prophet of God!


WEDNESDAY: Yesterday was a very full day – had a 3 hour Italian lesson in the morning with Fratello Sloan, then we had to host new missionaries entering the MTC. It was so hard to rip children away from their parents arms, and I started to cry and think that I couldn’t do it! It was such a tough experience!

We had to teach 2 x 20 minute lesson in the TRC (Teaching Resource Centre) in Italian to real Italian speaking members. This experience is to help us give effective and meaningful lessons to members after dinner appointments. We taught an Italian couple, and the spirit was so strong – I really hope that they felt our love for them! And we also taught a BYU student who served in Italy, Milan. It was nice to teach real people as opposed to teaching our teachers who are pretending to be investigators that they taught on their missions!

Sorella Crandell and I matched our outfits today!


Also some other things I miss:
Dark Chocolate Digestives (McVities)
Bar of Galaxy
Bar of Cadbury’s
Pop socks/ something to stop my feet from getting blisters as the blister plasters aren’t staying on my feet!


By the way – I love letters but haven’t got any, they’re easier to reply to because I only have an hour to read and write emails, which isn’t much time!!!! (dearelder.com is the best way to send me same/next day delivery notes, they are printed out on paper so I can read them the day they arrive.)

I promise I’ll get better at sending emails! But it always seems so rushed……

Love you

Sorella Tacchi




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