Conference, teaching and other things…

So this has been probably the most eventful week. So busy in fact that I haven’t had much time to write in my journal.

It was such a lovely experience, I always enjoy going to the temple and feel so blessed that I get to go every week!



April fools! The Milano sisters pranked us (see photo) it refers to page 33 in the white hand book!

April Fool's


GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!! I actually love General Conference, it was so amazing to hear from the prophet and apostles and what a lovely privilege to have almost 10 hours worth of revelation! I’m almost halfway through my devotional and conference journal! I just loved all of it.

Every Sunday night we get to watch a ‘movie’ and this week we watched Elder Bednar’s address to the MTC about the Holy Ghost; it was seriously so good! He said “quit worrying about it! Every good thought comes from God”.

Plus Vocal Point sang on Sunday night!

Recovery from conference, it was a tiring day and we weren’t as prepared to teach our investigator as we would’ve liked but that’s okay! We live and we learn!

General Conference

Sorella Jarnagin and I have decided to be more dedicated to the mission; we get up earlier at 6, so we’re ready for companion prayer at 7:15. I have decided to be more earnest in my prayers and also to be more obedient, to give my absolute all, so I’ll have NO regrets! Also to be nicer to everyone and do more service! I also want to be better at remembering my Saviour and the covenants I’ve made – because I know that then I’ll be at my best and able to have the spirit more fully with me!

WOW what a day! It was a tough one; although we’re trying so hard to be better missionaries, something’s just not clicking! But the Tuesday night devotional was AMAZING! I need to remember that I’m not alone, my Saviour is there to guide me all the way because He has walked my path and knows how to handle my challenges.

At devotional review President Donahoo told us that he met the Italian couple we taught in TRC; they told him how wonderful we are and of the spirit that we brought! Also how impressed they were at our Italian after 2 weeks!

The Lord always comforts us when we need it most!

Sisters in Italy

Again another tough day with regards to teaching, we tried a new technique that although made our lesson more structured in terms of equal talking but it did not bring the spirit at all. After the lesson Fratello Sloan called us back in and asked us about it, he offered to help us plan for this particular lesson. The next class was tough too, we were asked to describe what the BoM is, and I just couldn’t think even in English!

It’s like the parable of the current bush who wanted to be a tree but the gardener cut him down so that he could be what the Gardener wanted it to be. We know were being cut down only to grow into what we’re supposed to be, which is greater than what we could’ve ever imagined!Still eating ice cream

It’s only 10:20 and so much has happened!

I open my emails to find some news…

I felt excited to serve in Italy…

It’s getting warmer here in Provo! Haven’t seen the sun in 6 months!

Tell Nialah congrats on her job offer (as I don’t have her email!).

Lovely to hear about Alice, Karl and baby Ella!

Going to have to get my $99 dollar jab this week….


Sorella Tacchi xxx

Cherry Blossom 2



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