Farewell MTC

I LEAVE IN 4 DAYS!!!!!! 4 FLIPPIN’ DAYS MATE (*cockney accent necessary*)!!!!!!!! #freakingout

So last Thursday I decided to write down a daily miracle, which I’m trying to do everyday. And I realised a little analogy: As missionaries we are the driver of a private tour company. The Godhead are the personal tour guides and the investigator is the tourist. All we need to be concerned with is following the sat nav (ie. The Holy Ghost) and not with knowing everything about the tourist spots, because we all have different experiences at the different destinations. That doesn’t mean that you can’t share your personal experiences, but the Godhead know how to best describe and share the destinations with the investigator. The analogy needs work; but it makes sense to me!


Trying my hardest to forget myself.

Friday we got our flight plans!!!!!!!!! I get to call home either in NY or SLC; I’ll try your mobile mom when I’m in SLC and then again in NY – but if you miss me then that’s your loss! 😉 The times are relative to the area.

Daily miracle: successful lesson with Gennaro; he both understood our message and accepted our invitation to keep the sabbath holy (which he liked how we keep it special).

Saturday: Alessia accepted our invitation to baptism! And she got her first answer to prayer!! We had a district inventory (which lasted 2 hours…) but its where we go around the room telling each other the things we admire about them and the things we noticed regarding the changes that have occurred during the past 5 weeks! It was lovely!

Sunday: I taught the district meeting (which is our equivalent of Sunday school) it was on faith in Jesus Christ and the Atonement. Kinda similar to my farewell talk:) RS was on ENJOYING to the end taught by Sorella Jarnagin. BYU Men’s chorus came to sing on Sunday – they’re seriously so good! And I saw Garrett Stevens (a guy from Lizzie’s BYU ward) it was cool to see a familiar face and catch up! He’s going to Canada Toronto, Spanish Speaking in May!

Monday: All of our teachers were taking finals, so Fratello Walden taught both districts; it was crazy and we practiced teaching the law of chastity which is always interesting….


Tuesday: We said goodbye to Fratello Walden or Whale-den! It was really sad, he’s a super cool guy but he’s going travelling around Europe which is better than teaching here! Which reminds me: Parents, you need to go to Bath ward on the 30th because he’ll be there!!!! Can you do that please?! We taught skype TRC this week which is cool just to teach a real italian!


Wednesday: We have a new investigator called Radu (he’s Romanian) and we were able to address his questions about our church. It feels good to be able to get points across in Italian! Anziano Hansen’s dad sent him 2 dozen bottles of Root Beer with some Tri-tip steak – Dad you would’ve died an gone to heaven it was AMAZING!!!! But now our classroom stinks of beef…! We have new Italian missionaries!!!! Crazy to think that was us 5 weeks ago!!!!

Tuesday devotional (last one!!!) Gregory A. Schwitzer: “All you need is a start” and then you’ll be guided through to the end; let go of fear.

Be a better follower of Christ and you’ll be a better missionary! Where ever you are; be there. Absorb everything and learn as much as possible; don’t float through your mission!

Repentance is the steam engine that drives enduring to the end.

My testimony is the most precious thing I own.

I love you all dearly and the next time I email I’ll be in Italy!!! It will probably be the week after next – so love you all!

Remember it’s not about me and it’s not about us.

Love Sorella Tacchi.

English chocolate and McVities digestives from the Grants!!! THANKYOU ❤️


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