Just bits of insight I had this week.

I was reading the safeguards for technology on Friday and I came across this quote by President Packer, and I thought how true it is.

“No member of this Church–and that means each of you–will ever make a serious mistake without first being warned by the promptings of the Holy Ghost.”


Here are some other quotes I like…

“Remember, while the adversary uses secrecy and isolation to lead people into darkness, the Lord encourages us to seek light through honesty and truth.”

“Handheld devices, such as smartphones, are a blessing, but they can also distract us from hearing the ‘still, small voice.’ They need to be our servants, not our masters.” Elder M. Russell Ballard

iPads are such a blessing, because I can hold all the conference talks dating back to 1971 all in my hand, especially when you need some counsel for these latter days in more plain language than that of the scriptures.


I came read this talk called ‘The Divinity Within’ by Rosemary M. Wixom.

“It is through the whisperings of the Spirit that the divine nature of a doubter, after gasping for breath, finds the peace to breathe again.

When the prophet speaks, his words resonate with our divine nature and give us strength to follow.

Partaking of the sacrament each week breathes hope into the divinity within us, and we remember our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I promise that as you seek to discover the depth of the divine nature that lies within you, you will begin to further magnify your precious gift. Let it guide you to become His daughter, walking the path back to Him–where we will be “restored to that God who gave [us] breath.”

This talk really spoke to me when reading it on the bus yesterday as I was having a rough couple of days; knowing that I shouldn’t apologise for my weaknesses but instead accept them and celebrate them for they make me human and unique. The trials that we face will be difficult especially when they’re internal and cannot be resolved in a manner that seems obvious, but we need to really rely on the Atonement. Having a gospel centred hope that the atonement not only applies to us but has meaning for us.

Sorry for my ramblings…

I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!!! Every time I read it, I just have this feeling of being able to take on all that life has to throw! But, it really does deepen your appreciation and testimony of this divine gospel. Again I can say that I know that it contains the truth, it’s the word of God, and it was translated through the power of God which we have access today. I’m going to start it again tomorrow, and his time focus on the character of Christ and developing Christ like attributes.


I had my first zone conference this week, and gave my birth testimony in Italian which went surprisingly well.

The spiritual insights were just what we needed to help us go in the direction the Lord wants. And it was nice to meet my whole zone.


We didn’t cook for ourselves until Saturday this week, which is surprising. It was really nice to have some good Italian cooking! Even if there’s a minimum of 3 hefty courses…. Good job we don’t usually eat dinner!

Today we went to Monte S. Angelo, which is this really cool church in a cave but we had to run to catch a bus, as per, but the Lord always provides a way and we didn’t miss it. We then had to stop in Manfredonia right by the sea! It was so beautiful and I can’t believe I hadn’t been that close since I was at home! I really miss living by the sea!

All in all a successful week; learnt a lot and smiled through!

It’s not about me, it’s not about us

Vi voglio bene

Sorella Tacchi xxx



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