A Study of Faith

My week has been a lot better this week as I’ve decided to study faith in depth and as a result I’ve seen some pretty great miracles. We have 2 new simps (P, who’s a policeman and her friend E) and they’re progressing nicely! But they have some questions regarding the Pope, they think that Peter was the first Pope and therefore think that the authority of God was passed through him.

L, another one of our investigators, is progressing nicely and has received her confirmation!! We had lunch at her house yesterday…! It. was some really good food; but 5 courses are intense!!!!


I really loved studying Mosiah 4:6-12 this week, I’d recommend reading it. As members, we first need come to a knowledge of God’s power, wisdom, patience and long suffering, and also the atonement. We then need to trust him, be diligent in keeping the commandments and continue in faith so that we are worthy of salvation; there is no other way back to our Father in Heaven except through Christ.

Then we need to believe in our knowledge; humble yourself so we can ask with a sincerity of heart for forgiveness.

Once we’ve experienced his goodness, his love, and his forgiveness, remember. Remember his greatness, goodness, and long suffering and remember that all of our blessings are because of him, not us.

Therefore, remember to be humble, seek repentance daily, and stand steadfast in our faith. If we remember, we shall always rejoice and be filled with the love of God; we will always retain a remission of your sins, and we shall grow in the knowledge and the glory of him, who is just and true.

This week has been really good. We went to Monte S. Angelo last Monday, it was this church in a cave and then we had to run to get the bus back.

The bus then stopped and we had to wait in Manfredonia which was by the sea, so we had an impromptu visit to the sea which I hadn’t seen in 2 months… I don’t think I can not live by the sea, it’s too difficult!

We saw some miracles this week, we put our faith to the test and went finding. Rejection is obviously the name of the game, but when you go finding with faith and talk to EVERYONE you see how even when you’re being rejected you can make a difference to their day just by being nice and smiling, and you see some miracles too!

I don’t think I can get used to peeling my apple with a knife and eating it with a knife at meal appointments, but I learnt my lesson from the member who yelled at me when I ate it like a normal person. I have to embrace the Italian culture even if it means eating 5 courses for lunch!

When you see people progressing, it just makes me happy – this must be how our Father in Heaven feels when he sees us making the right choices and strengthening our testimonies.

This week I’ll be having my first scambio/exchange in Bari, which I’m really excited for. Bari is the place for panzerotti and foccacia, so I’m also excited for that too! We also have transfer calls this week, and I’m 99.99% sure that I’m not leaving Foggia, but it will probably be affecting our district. So tomorrow we’ll have transfer predictions!

Today we went to Barletta, a place by the sea. It was nice to spend time on the beach and be by the sea again, and also to wear trousers!!! Wearing skirts everyday is tough sometimes…!

It’s not about me, it’s not about us,

Love you un sacco
Sorella Maja Tacchi xxx


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