Faith is amazing!!!

Feeling a little home sick today, but I’ve been loving missionary life a bit more too! We received 2 new investigators this week – faith is amazing!!!!

This week I actually started to love ’12 week’ (the programme for training), although they’re basically perfect missionaries, and we often get annoyed because it’s completely different here in Italy, it inspired us to work on our faith, especially with the key indicators. In the evening, after dodici (12 week), we saw so many miracles. Therefore, I’ve been working on faith, studying about it almost everyday. I’ve learnt so much, but will probably never come to a complete understanding of faith in my lifetime. Faith isn’t just something you can obtain or define as a single attribute. Faith is a process, and at different points in our lives we will be at different points in our faith. Alma 32 is the perfect chapter to help us start developing faith, as I’ve been studying it this week I have a better understating of what investigators need to do in order to develop faith.


I finally made it to Relief Society this Sunday, as Primary didn’t ask me to come and play the piano for them this week. The lesson from Howard W. Hunter was really good, I especially liked the quote “Many, many lives have become memorable that otherwise would have been lost in obscurity had it not been for the touch of the Master’s hand that made a significant change of thought and action and a new and better life.” Our Saviour loved us beyond comprehension, we just need to accept his love and peace.

I also read President Monson’s talk from October “Be an Example and a Light”, it was lovely and I really recommend reading it, especially the last half.

So I’m staying in Foggia, no surprise but I have to say goodbye to my father, Anziano Vrska, which is sad; he’s been here for 3 transfers so he’s ready to go! We’ll see what Anziano Fagerburg is like….

Italian is still difficult but it’s flowing a bit better. We had pranzo at the D’s yesterday, they’re a great family and remind me a bit of you two! It was nice to have some good food 🙂 lasagna, chicken and salad, watermelon then cake and gelato.


Scambio was fun, weird not to be in Foggia, but it was good! For the second day I was with Sorella Torres who only speaks Italian, so that was interesting; we had some good gelato!! 3 scoops 😍 oh an we also had proprio (proper) panzerotti as Bari is where it was invented!!!

Have a lovely week, I love you and just keep sending me updates!

It’s not about me, it’s not about us,

Vi voglio bene

Sorella Maja Tacchi xxxxx


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