How Great Will Be Your Joy


Hello my lovelies, how are you all?

This morning I came to Jacob 5, and if I could only take one thing from it, it would be love. We as his disciples need to be refined, so that the good can gain strength within us to withstand, and defeat, the bad. Every trial that comes our way gives us an opportunity to be perfected. The Lord never gives up on us, his hope for our potential never diminishes. He grafts us with others so we can learn; he casts out the bad through the refiners fire. He is patient with us as we grow and accept these changes, because he loves us and he grieves at the thought of loosing us.

But also in this chapter he invited his servant (verse 15) to labour in the vineyard together. The Lord never leaves our side, he is in his work with us. He feels our pain when other reject our invitation (verse 41) but he knows how much joy this work brings. “More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children.” (Page V PMG) which also links really nicely into D&C 18:16. The Allegory of the Olive tree never had such an impact on me until now. It was always THE longest chapter in the Book of Mormon and now it’s one of the most beautiful. This gospel and work bring so much joy, I can only imagine how the Lord feels, especially as he knows exactly how we feel at every stage of our mortal existence.



This week was a quick but long one; seeing Sorella Condé say goodbye to everyone was really sad, but made me happy to stay here and maintain these friendships. I love the people here! I miss her a lot and pray that she’s happy! She left me so many cute messages, one of which made me cry! But I wish her the best of luck with my half sister, Sorella Rohner!

I love Sorella Ensign!!!! We’ve already had so many laughs, this is going to be a fun transfer!


We met these two kids with a camera on Saturday night and I asked them what they’re doing, and they filmed us as one of them did a magic trick… It was pretty funny! Especially because we didn’t know what ‘spades’ were in Italian! But they seemed really interested in English course!


Every Sunday there’s a miracle, we found M and she became our new simp! She is Romanian and we’re going to teach her again next Sunday. At the end after our prayer she had tears in her eyes, it was so amazing. But we just need to explain to her that our church isn’t the same as all the others!


Our granny carts broke even more when we did spessa today… And many people laughed at us as we dragged them from the bus to our apartment! Anziano Boscán called me and asked if I knew how to take care of a parsley plant… Which I don’t… I just told him to water it and cut off the yellow leaves?


I read something really cool that’s gong to be my thing for this transfer and hopefully my mission, it’s from PMG “do all you can to leave your area stronger than you found it”.

Have a lovely week, vi voglio un mondo di bene come sempre!

It’s not about me, it’s not about us.

Sorella Maja Tacchi xxx



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