The one where nothing changes

Sooooo for the next 7 weeks (because last transfer was 5 weeks…) I’ll be in Foggia with Sorella Ensign, in fact no one from the district is leaving which will probably never happen again.


And transfer calls are permanently on Monday nights… So this will be a frequent occurrence. BUT I’m actually pretty grateful to stay in Foggia for another transfer, because everyone will be coming back from their holidays! Which means I can see some of our investigators again who decided to take off for the whole, I think, of August! Plus I get another 7 weeks with Sorella Ensign! She’s the best; love her!

Yesterday a lot of the members travelled to the temple in Swizerland, they had a 13 hour bus ride, which didn’t make me jealous but I really miss the temple, and it’s just amazing to see them make such a sacrifice to go – makes me seem so ungrateful saying that the temple being 3 hours away is too far. I can’t wait to go back! Which reminds me, I’ll probably be home this time next year!! Ahhh, or coming home very soon for school – that freaks me out a little as last Monday was my 5 month mark!


Today we ventured to Padre Pio’s church again, and discovered a part of the church that we hadn’t seen before, the part that was full of mosaics of padre Pio and other monks and saints.

We had a waffle party for English course on Thursday because it was Anziano Jensen’s 22nd birthday!


I put powdered sugar on my waffle and was about to take a bite when someone made me laugh which resulted in a puff of powdered sugar all over me.

Sorella Ensign and I decided to make him a cake and delivered it at 6:15am; it was great and meant that we had cake for breakfast!

Two really random new investigators this week, we were sat in a park, after receiving a bidone, making phone calls when a lady walked up to us, first of all speaking in Moldovan and then told us that she wants to know about our religion. The other lady was a surprise referral from our investigator for who said that she invited her friend, who she gave her Book of Mormon, to our lesson. I guess sometimes God just gives us investigators!


This week I’ve been reading and preparing my addestramento (training/talk thing – hard to explain in English) for DDM (district meeting) on Tuesday on ‘weaknesses becoming strengths’, using the beautiful gift of grace that comes from the atonement. It’s inspired by an article in the April 2015 ensign called “It isn’t a sin to be weak”, a section from chapter 3 of Jesus the Christ, Ether 12:27 and “Opposition in all things” by Elder Oaks. Recommend all of those!

I’ve been reading in Mosiah this week and was just amazed by the infinite amount of love that’s poured out on to us as children of Heavenly Father. Alma the younger’s conversion is just so powerful; He loves us no matter what!

Mosiah 28:4 “And thus did the Spirit of the Lord work upon them, for they were the very vilest of sinners. And the Lord saw fit in his infinite mercy to spare them;”

Also lesson/chapter 16 of Teachings of President Hunter in Sunday’s lesson, “While waiting for promised blessings, … be anxiously engaged in good causes, including your own development.”

The Anziani had a baptism on Saturday! We taught our investigator the law of the tithe (my first time!) and it couldn’t have gone better!! He was like “this makes so much sense!!!” And asked if he could start paying it next month even though he won’t be baptised!!! Miracles are the best!!!

Also this quote just about made my week “but that was before we were best friends” Anz Yskes – our transfer goal was to become good friends with the Anziani because we didn’t know them!

Hope you have a lovely week!! I love you!

It’s not about me, it’s not about us.

Sorella Tacchi xxx

P.S. I miss ‘Friends’; Sorella Ensign and I always quote it hence my title of the email!  



One comment

  1. Angie · August 25, 2016

    What great pictures! Their district seems so close & supportive. I love hearing that the work is moving along. It gives us Hope! Could we be more blessed with amazing girls?


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