We Are Doing a Great Work and Cannot Come Down

This week was pretty good, we had an eventful week. It started with Anziano Boscán making us arepas (probably butchered that spelling) they’re a Venezuelan dish, which consists a corn flour bun thing, avocados, black beans, shredded chicken and peppers with plantain – it was really good!

Version 2

Then we had a scambio, where I played trainer to Sorella N, the Greenie in Bari – it really weird to have to be the one relied on with the language, but it was a confidence builder! At English course this week we made a lot of sugar cookies, taught them the vocab for baking and then decorated the cookies with them, it was pretty fun and they all seemed to enjoy it!


On Thursday mio papà Vrska came to visit! He had to pick up his permesso/visa, so we had lunch with him and his companion – it was really cool to catch up and see him again! Then on Friday we had ‘high tea’ as a district because they thought it would be funny because I’m British, but all we did was have crust less finger sandwiches and mini cupcakes and a drink.


And on Saturday we went to teach the little girl English again and this time we stayed for pranzo, we’ve managed to become really good friends with the whole family and she drew us pictures!

Then we had pranzo with A, a member here and we just LOVE her! She gave us two jugs of her homemade tomato sauce, and she made me try a grapefruit and a fig… Probably will never have figs again! We also had olives from her fields – they were so, so, so good! And she made one of my favourite dishes, Parmigiano! We went to Bari today, and went shopping! It felt really nice to buy some new things! Clothes get really old really fast here in the mission…


This week I’ve been studying patience but then ended up being about agency and making priorities in our lives so that we don’t waste time in places that won’t lead us to our ultimate goal. It was sparked by an article in the ensign with that title along the lines of the fear of missing out. Upon reflection, this is something I did frequently before the mission and sometimes had consequences that weren’t what I wanted. At the end, it had a quote from President Uchtdorf from a talk called “We Are Doing a Great Work and Cannot Come Down” from the priesthood session of April 2009 conference.

“Pause for a moment and check where your own heart and thoughts are. Are you focused on the things that matter most? How you spend your quiet time may provide a valuable clue. Where do your thoughts go when the pressure of deadlines is gone? Are your thoughts and heart focused on those short-lived fleeting things that matter only in the moment or on things that matter most? …
“Our Heavenly Father seeks those who refuse to allow the trivial to hinder them in their pursuit of the eternal. He seeks those who will not allow the attraction of ease or the traps of the adversary to distract them from the work He has given them to perform. He seeks those whose actions conform to their words.” President Dieter F. Uchtdorf


Hope you all have a lovely week, now would be a good time to send me something if you wanted, because I’ll be in Rome for my 6 month mark on the 15th of September. Here’s the address if you’d forgotten:
Sorella Maja Tacchi
Missione Italiana di Roma
Piazza Monte Gemma, 9
00141 Roma RM

“Keep your heels, head and standards high.”

“Mantenete i vostri tacchi, la vostra testa e le vostre norme alti.”

It’s not about me, it’s not about us.

Love Sorella Tacchi xxx


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