Withstanding the Fiery Darts of the Adversary

My oh my, what a week; I always come to PDay exhausted from the previous week and realise when I come to write this email that I can’t remember anything I did!


In good news, our 84 year old investigator (we’re probably preparing her for the life after this!) actually read the Book of Mormon (albeit the wrong passage, but it still worked!!). But in more sad news, our less active fell out of the shower and is now in hospital awaiting an operation on both her legs! Her left leg is in a full cast and the other is held together by pins in her knee! So the latter half of this week was spent with her in the hospital. I’m so glad for the hospitals we have back home, although it’s not perfect (as free nationalised health care will never be!) but it’s miles better than here in Italy! Inspectors would have a field day, it’s incredibly sloppy! I won’t go into details as it may make some ill, at the talk of needles, blood and urine! I’ll just leave it up to your imagination!

Just to let you all know, Sorella Ensign didn’t cut my hair for me we both spent €10 (the cheapest hair cut I’ve ever had and will ever have!) and had it cut by an Italian.


Sorella Ensign gave a wonderful addestramento at district meeting! It was about how consecration is between you and the Lord. How many times have we betrayed the Saviour by our actions or words without realising it? We need to ask ourselves, is it I? Like the apostles did at the last supper. I hope that you keep your minds centred on Christ a little more this week as we prepare for General Conference! I’m so excited!!

Saw some wonderful miracles too this week, a member gave us a referral!!! And the member is really excited to see the progress that she’ll make; we’re just in the process of organising a date when we can all get together! After a week of giving A some space to sort things out, we bumped into him on the way to the hospital!

Transfer calls are next Monday night, so this will probably be my last full week here in Foggia which is sad; but I’m excited for the change!

I was reading chapter 5 of Jesus the Christ this week, and I came across something interesting (since being on my mission James E. Talmage is now one of my most favourite people ever). It was talking about Christ being human and born of woman.

“It is significant that this assurance of eventual victory over sin and its inevitable effect, death, both of which were introduced to earth through Satan the arch-enemy of mankind, was to be realized through the offspring of woman; the promise was not made specifically to the man, nor to the pair. The only instance of offspring from woman dissociated from mortal fatherhood is the birth of Jesus the Christ, who was the earthly Son of a mortal mother, begotten by an immortal Father. He is the Only Begotten of the Eternal Father in the flesh, and was born of woman.”

We, in our mortal and weak state, are stronger than Satan in his immortal state. We develop strength by coming to this world a strength that one can only develop by being human. This confirmed to me the promise that we have to withstand Satan, we have something he’ll never have – our body is one of our greatest gifts. So treat it with respect knowing that you’ll be strong enough to withstand anything that’s thrown at you.


Hope you all have the best week!

I love you all, keep me updated on everything!

It’s not about me, it’s not about us.

Sorella Tacchi xxx

PDay at Manfredonia


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