“The strength of any nation is rooted within the walls of its homes.” President Hinckley

Cari tutti!

We planned the best lesson this week for our dear investigator. It was on eternal marriage, the temple and genealogy and we were going to the house of a wonderful family, the parents of which are close in age to that of our investigator. And to put the cherry on top, from the view of their balcony you can see the temple in construction. Needless to say, the lesson couldn’t have gone better – the spirit was incredible and the love I felt for everyone in the room was unbelievable. Ahhhh.

Anyway, in preparing for the lesson, I read the talk in which ‘The Family: A Proclamation to the World’ was first read. It was fascinating to see the remarks of President Hinckley over 20 years ago and know that they are still so relevant today. It made me really think about who I want to be as a mother someday, the balance of loving discipline and the uplifting activities I want to include in my children’s upbringing. “The more surely you rear your children in the ways of the gospel of Jesus Christ, with love and high expectation, the more likely that there will be peace in their lives.
Set an example for them. That will mean more than all the teaching you can give them. Do not overindulge them. Let them grow up with respect for and understanding of the meaning of labor, of working and contributing to the home and its surroundings, with some way of earning some of their own expense money. Let your sons save for missions, and encourage them to prepare themselves, not only financially, but spiritually and in an attitude to go out to serve the Lord without selfishness of any kind. I do not hesitate to promise that if you will do so, you will have reason to count your blessings.” “Nurture…your children in an environment of security, peace, companionship, love, and motivation to grow and do well.” “Teach your sons to honor womanhood. Teach your daughters to walk in virtue”. Obviously it’s not going to be put into action anytime soon, but it strengthened my testimony of knowing that raising a family in the gospel is the right thing to do and solidified my determination to have an eternal family. “No other work reaches so close to divinity as does the nurturing of the sons and daughters of God.” To be a parent is the closest work we can do on earth to the work of our loving Heavenly Father.

“For he is not a God of the dead but of the living: for all live unto him” Luke 20:38, I am so grateful for the eternal perspective that I have and that this restoration of truth has given me, there is no doubt in my mind that I know that we will all live again.

Another quote I liked from the talk was this: “If you live up to your privilege, the angels cannot be restrain’d from being your associates” Joseph Smith. How great is that!? When we strive become who we truly are and do the things we’re meant to do, we will have the companionship of angels, the will bear us up in times of weakness. We will receive divine guidance from those closest to God.

We just had the best weekend though, it was just what I needed! Ahhh, members are the best; prospective, new, and old. We spent Saturday afternoon doing some service, helping our new convert family set up for their daughters party. It was nice knowing that was one less thing on their minds, as they have kids running around and food to prepare. And then I got talking to one mom from the daughter’s school and she is awesome. She was telling me about all her charity work that she does and I just saw how much she really cares about the work she does, and I told her that we would be happy to help if she ever needed a hand with some service projects.

We had such a good time last night at an American family’s house with our new convert family, after 6 months I finally had ROOT BEER again!!!! And they gave us some to take home! They’re amazing, and they were telling us some of their duty stories which sound like they come straight out of a war movie, it was pretty intense. But when we gave the spiritual thought, it was lovely the spirit that was felt.

Today will be a very food orientated day, as we are headed to Eataly! And then have a very fancy gelato!

We carved peppers for Halloween

So the other night we were in the chapel alone and needed to head down to the basement to get some things from our storage/mission storage. I was turning the temperamental key and the wind started to howl from inside the room which put me a little on edge, then as soon as the key turned and I started to open the door, Sorella Rackham went ‘ahhh’ so I screamed and slammed the door shut, and then freaked out a little (typical me). Then she started to laugh, she totally got me and then proceeded to tell everyone. Now everyone thinks I’m a looser…hahahah!! No, they just all had a good laugh at me! I’ve watched too many scary movies…

My mummified companion

Have the best week, vi voglio bene!

It’s not about me, it’s not about us

Love Sorella Tacchi xxx

A taste of home


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