“I know whence I came, and wither I go” John 8:14

Carissimi tutti miei,

Just like Christ we can say “I know whence I came, and wither I go”, because we know that we came from a loving Heavenly Father and we’re striving to get back to him. I didn’t fully realise what it meant to say ‘I am a child of God’ until I got on my mission and realised that it meant I had a true potential to be like him, to be godly. It’s incredible, the more I learn about the true nature of God and His love for each one of his children, which in its fullest is incomprehensible, the more I want to be like Him, and the stronger my determination to be like Him.


Also reading in John, on Saturday, I came across verse 33 in chapter 9 “If this man were not of God, he could do nothing”. Without God we are nothing, we wouldn’t even exist. It just reminds me of teaching by the spirit; sometimes I’ve just not been in tune with the spirit and have gone to teach a lesson and it has been a disaster. I’ve fumbled around my words and there was no flow to what I was teaching, so in a sense I did nothing to help a child of God grow closer to Him and Christ. The importance of teaching by the spirit is that the teaching is of God through the spirit and not by us of our own volition.

If you’ve ever been to the MTC in Provo, you would’ve probably watched ‘The Character of Christ’ by Elder Bednar, and in it he invites us to read the Book of Mormon looking for the Characteristics of Christ. Which is what I’ve been doing since May; reading a chapter once a day. This week, I came across a characteristic that I knew was of Christ but didn’t realise I was developing: being an advocate with the Father. Everyday when we pray for others we are in fact pleading with Him on behalf of others, just as Christ can bless us by doing this, we can bless others.

Last night we were at a wonderful family’s house with another wonderful family (big love to the Ps and the Ms). And we showed a video of  the characteristics of Christ and then talked about how we we learn of Christ and surround ourselves by His love and teachings we begin to pick up His attributes. Just like me being around Americans all the time, I’m picking up the accent! Being LDS can be overwhelming with all the things to do that are expected of us, and at times focusing on the things we need to do we can lose the true centre of our lives: Christ. When we focus on Christ, everything falls into place naturally because we learn more about Him and His love and naturally we emulate Him.

E WAS CONFIRMED YESTERDAY! It was so beautiful to hear the blessing that Heavenly Father gave to her, He truly loves her and knows of her divine potential for good! She is just amazing and in our lesson with her this week, we discussed the gift of the Holy Ghost and the significance and blessings it brings. She was so excited for Sunday and to be honest so was I! She’s amazing and she’s such a blessing to me!

Feel so blessed to be in Rome for another transfer, and guess what I’m killing again! Sorella Tingey is my new companion until the 26th of December! So as a late Christmas present I’ll get a new companion! This transfer’s going to be great as I get to spend CHRISTMAS in Rome! But this week was super hectic as the whole of my district changed apart from one Anziano! It was crazy running around helping people find their way around Rome and making sure that they have a companion! Ahhh! I was super stressed but now it’s over and I can focus on the love of Christ and those who I teach and love.

Today we went to the Vatican! It was really fun and I always love exploring these old Catholic Churches. The ornate and intricate nature of the Saint Paul’s Basilica is amazing, it’s huge and I wonder how long it took to build. It’s funny to think we all started with Christ yet over time we all worship him in such different and diverse manners!

I hope you all have a wonderful week (PS now’s the time to think about and send me a Christmas present;) just make sure to write ‘Christmas’ on it so I open it on Christmas!)
Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Tacchi xxx


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