The One With All The Thanksgivings

To explain the use of the title of an episode of friends, I had thanksgiving dinner 5 times in the space of 4 days. It started with our district Thanksgiving on Wednesday, then a huge 60+ people Thanksgiving banquet with all the American members on Thursday, Friday lunch we had left over Thanksgiving from the night before, Friday night we had another delicious Thanksgiving dinner with one of the wonderful families, and then on Saturday we had left overs from Friday night.


So you can just call me Sorella Tacchino (tacchino means turkey in Italian by the way)! Going from never celebrating Thanksgiving (apart from last year) to being very well acquainted, and I’ve realised that it’s pretty much the same as a British Christmas dinner. At the big Thanksgiving party on Thursday, they made me say the prayer as it was my first American Thanksgiving and then when all the deserts came out I was introduced to all the many varieties of pie. Not the pie I’m used to in England, like steak and kidney, chicken and ham, but the sweet kind, like pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, and key lime. Oh and I had an orange salad with my turkey, which consisted of cream, orange and orange jelly (or jello I should say)! We really didn’t need to go grocery shopping last week!

I was reading a talk by President Russell M. Nelson this week called ‘Protect the Spiritual Power Line’ and he proposes some interesting ideas. He says “Power, if misused, can cut into the very source of that power.” He talks about the need for respect for the priesthood from both the holder and the receiver, that both husbands and wives need to be united in respecting it, and using it to serve. So for husbands not to use it to overpower their wives, and for wives not to take advantage of its use for service thus treating their husbands as servants. But this isn’t just applicable to husbands and wives, but for all. The priesthood is God given and is to be only used according to the will of God, and as members of the church we need to respect and understand that so it can be used not abused. President Nelson also comments on the power of knowledge, and how in today’s world, the more knowledge we have the more intelligent we think we are. But we know that isn’t the case; intelligence is the righteous use of knowledge for good and the benefit of others, not to exert ourselves over those who are less educated or have less knowledge. Knowledge is a gift from God and, if used correctly, can help us serve in the kingdom, but if misused it can lead to pride and thus inhibit is from entering the kingdom of God. “We must gain learning, but we must apply it wisely. Otherwise, we have politics without principle, industry without morality, knowledge without wisdom, science without humanity!” He also talks about the power of love, which is what struck me the most; the misuse of the power of love can sever the spiritual power that we can receive. Love is what drives the work in the kingdom, love between husband and wife, love between God and his children.


It has just been a crazy week of just running to different appointments and dealing with public transport! But we’ve done a lot of good work, and we’re really seeing the fruits of our efforts! I love Rome and I never want to leave, the people here are just the best!


Yesterday we had dinner with the La Mazza’s; it’s kinda odd the think that brother La Mazza was an elder who served in my stake! So it was crazy talking about Weston and  the missionaries that he served with and knew in the mission! It was lovely to be with his family and having to translate things into German for a change! However getting to their house was interesting! Using google maps, it told us to get off a bus (which we did) and then to walk for 5 minutes to another bus stop. But when we got off the bus we realised that it told us to walk over the train tracks… which is not possible. So we tried to find a way and in doing so we climbed down a wall… in a dress… and then we gave up and called the senior couple to come pick us up! ‘Twas an adventure that’s for sure!

Today we went to the Trevi fountain today which is so pretty, just in awe at the history here! But I’m pretty sure I say that every week!

Have the best week!

Sorella Maja Tacchi xxx



One comment

  1. Angie · December 7, 2016

    What a great letter! I found just the quotes in here to use in my calling tonight. Thank you!


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