“The Book of Mormon is the best guide to learn how well we are doing and how to do better.” President Eyring


Ciao a tutti voi,

Well on Saturday I finished the Book of Mormon again. This book has changed my life and I’m so glad that as soon as you finish you can start again! Every time you read, it opens doors to revelation not thought of before, and it takes on a whole new meaning for my life. This time I read it with the character of Christ in mind. What I’ve learnt about the character of Christ is that his characteristics are many and each of us naturally have some, and others we have to learn to develop. Through studying it’s clear that they can be manifest in ways not necessarily obvious. It’s amazing that we can each apply his character in a personal way and make them our own. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I love it, now I’m going to focus on finishing it in Italian.

I read a talk called ‘The Great Commandment—Love the Lord” by President Ezra Taft Benson. It kinda hit me a little hard in someways. “God our Father, Jesus, our Elder Brother and our Redeemer, and the Holy Ghost, the Testator, are perfect. They know us best and love us most and will not leave one thing undone for our eternal welfare. Should we not love them for it and honor them first?” He exhorts us to put him before everyone, even the ones closest to us. This may sound obvious but he tells us that if we are to love God with all our heart, might, mind, and strength then we must do all that we can, even if it means turning our backs on the ones we love most on earth to love the one who loves us most.


“The End”

Sorry it’s a shorter one, but this week we had a visit from Anziano Pesci picking up his visa, we painted a kitchen and celebrated the birthday of the Anziani’s investigator!

It also saw some more food adventures, with us making a lasagne and eating glorious cannoli with a less active. Which reminds me, never schedule a lunch and a dinner appointment in the same day… I literally looked like a a balloon! Then today I had an brioche filled with ice cream! I’m literally in love with food! The best mission by far;)

Oh and today we did a photo shoot, lol.I hope you have a fantastic week, especially Saturday;) I love you all, and so does the Lord!

Love Sorella Tacchi xxx



Beautiful Sicilia



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