“There is no limit to the number of people who may follow the example of Jesus”

This week I read a BYU devotional talk by President Russell M. Nelson about the mission and the ministry of Christ and at the end of speech he poses two questions: “How do his mission and his ministry affect who you really are?  And who you may become?”
His mission was the Atonement and His ministry, His example. It just got me thinking about how much the Atonement has affected my life and enabled me to become numbered among the children of God and how his example can to help me become a better disciple.

I also read a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland called “Remember Lot’s Wife” and there was a part in it that hit me, “In short, her attachment to the past outweighed her confidence in the future.”  The past is to be learnt from, not lived in. Our Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for us, and when he asks us to do something difficult we need to trust that it’s for our best and in the end will be for our good.


This week was really good and managed to see all of our investigators and actually got let in doing less active finding, and for the first time in a while felt like we had a packed week! And have a really good vision for the transfer!


Yesterday I spent with the youth at church going to YWs and youth sunday school. Saying the YW theme in Italian was weird but cool and then helping the youth do a missionary role play was fun! Feeling integrated into the ward feels so good because you feel like the members really trust and love you!

We also went to visit a less active family and just after saying the prayer the Anziani showed up; the family forced them to stay to fix their table and then made us all sing at least 12 hymns, it was pretty funny!

Today we went to the market, had the amazing panino again, went to the castle and explore Ortigia for a little bit. I live in such a beautiful place, I’m so truly blessed to walk in Paul’s footsteps (Acts 28:12 And landing at Syracuse, we tarried there three days.)

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!  Sorella Tacchi xxx



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