“The youth of this generation have a greater capacity for obedience than any previous generation.” Neal A. Maxwell

This week I came across a talk by Elder Bednar called “Things as They Really Are”, it was interesting because he was talking about how the adversary, through cyber reality, is trying to minimise the importance of the physical body and therefore restrict and displace our physical capacity and experience. I read about how much life is wasted in virtual reality. “To feel the warmth of a tender hug from an eternal companion or to see the sincerity in the eyes of another person as testimony is shared–all of these things experienced as they really are through the instrument of our physical body–could be sacrificed for a high-fidelity fantasy that has no lasting value. If you and I are not vigilant, we can become “past feeling” (1 Nephi 17:45), as did Laman and Lemuel long ago.” 
Relating to the title, a citation quoted in this talk, our generation has the potential to be the most obedient to God because we have the most opposition. We’ve always been told that we’re a chosen generation, but we have to prove it and work for it.

“And thou must open thy mouth at all times, declaring my gospel with the sound of rejoicing. Amen.” This is a glorious gospel that brings so much joy, we have to show people this.


This week was an interesting one: lots of less active work, and lots of rejection, plus a semi broken washing machine. There are some members here that I just absolutely love and they just love us back! For example last night we call one of the members who asks where we are because she made food for us! So we pass by after a hard weekend of rejection with a “ehi belle care” or “hey beautiful dears”, just made my night! The rejections were here, there and everywhere this weekend. From “sorry we’re doing a treasure hunt”, to “sorry I’m working on my phone” (in an empty store), “I’m super busy”, “I’m having a nice walk (don’t want you to ruin it)”, “sorry I have a fever”, “we’re catholic”, “I’m working on a book”, “I have do go grocery shopping”, “my son made a mistake”, “I’m hungry and need to eat”, and then we got escorted out of a square and got told ‘no’ countless times. Tuesday I felt loved as an English course student went to Amsterdam and brought me back some mini Dutch pancakes, and our ward mission leader bought me ginseng vitamins because he thought I looked tired. One less active said that our surprise visit was an answer to her prayers and cried, that was cool to feel like we were being the Lord’s hands. We were invited to ward council, and it’s always really cool to see how wards work and everything is basically missionary work!

I had a funny dream this week about teaching a homeless man, then guess who we saw doing finding!?

Year-mark pizza

I hit my year mark last week!! It’s so crazy that I’ve been a missionary for that long, and upon reflecting I know I’m a much better person now because of this experience and I don’t regret coming on a mission! Probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

Today we went to Taormina, which is this beautiful little place just south of Messina. Saw a little island called Isola Bella and a Roman Amphitheatre.

Was a really good day and got to put my feet in the sea and walk on the beach for probably the last time as a missionary! I also tried granita (really good and fancier slushy) with a brioche – it was sooo good!

Tonight is transfer calls, and who knows what’s going to happen! Could stay or I could go! Luckily today has distracted me from those thoughts!  I hope you are well and happy! Sorella Tacchi xxx




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