“Holy Moly, a lot has happened.”

Mamma mia è stata una settimana pienissima!

I’ll start of my weekly email with the spiritual study stuff like always. I’ve been reflecting a lot on the sacrament this week and really feel a need to make it a more sacred experience. I was reading in 3 Nephi 18 this week, when the Saviour instituted the Sacrament. In Italian two different verbs are used for ‘remember’, in verse 7 ‘ricordarsi’ is used. “E se vi ricordate sempre di me, avrete il mio Spirito che sarà con voi.” Which means to report to the mind the remembrance of someone. It has roots to the word ‘cuore’ or ‘heart’, so we remember Christ with our hearts as we remember his physical suffering. In the sacrament prayers it mentions that we are willing to take upon ourselves his name and to keep his commandments. These are things we physically do and we must do them with heart. In verse 11 it uses the verb ‘rammentarsi’. “E se vi rammentate sempre di me, avrete il mio Spirito che sarà con voi.” Which means to recall to the mind and recall the remembrance of someone. It’s roots relate to the word ‘mente’ or ‘mind’, so now we remember Christ with our minds too as we remember his spiritual suffering. In both sacrament prayers it mentions that all things are done in remembrance of Him, both in heart and mind, both physically and spiritually, so we can always have his spirit to be with us.

Monday night we wait until after 10 to receive our call. Well it wasn’t the APs like usual, it was President. Both him and Sorella Pickerd we calling, so they started out by telling me that I was staying in Siracusa for a 4th transfer. Then that I was staying with Sorella Ferre for a 3rd transfer. It was just what I wanted but then they told me that the reason they were calling is that they wanted me to be a Sister Training Leader for my Zone! Ahhh I’m so excited but that meant that I had to travel up to Rome for the Mission Leadership Conference on a 12 hour train… it was an adventure that’s for sure. And the Napoli missionaries greeted us with PIZZA when we stopped at Napoli!!!!

It was so weird to be back in Rome! When we arrived at the mission home, I got to see some of my most favourite people! I got the most perfect gift of being able to be with and have a sleep over with my best friend Sorella Ensign. It was absolutely perfect! It was emotional to say goodbye come Friday afternoon, she’s finishing her mission next month so the next time I’ll see her will be after our missions!


The conference was really good, I just love these missionaries and I’m so excited to serve them more and help them become the best they can be. I just love my mission and those few days have to be some of my most favourite days of my mission!

Due to the 12 hour train ride we had an extra half day in Rome. So me, Sorella Gleave (the other STL in Catania with me), her greenie Sorella Overson, and Sorella Groll (the STL in the other zone in Sicily), we only had one phone between us so we all just ran around Rome doing finding together, we went to the YSA centre and I got to see my beloved Sorella Thacker!!!!!! My goodness it was good to see her too!

Then we went to Piazza del Popolo and Spanish Steps! So much fun, then all of us Sicilian missionaries hung out with the APs, President and Sorella Pickerd! We all knelt down in prayer and it felt like we were a family! Hahah! Sad that I couldn’t see anyone else though, but still it was so much fun!


Then on the way home I was in a trio with my zone leaders! We ended up talking to this girl for about 7 hours talking about everything! She’s called Lucilla, and she’s really cute!

We said goodbye to Anziano Moscon and hello to my son!!!! That’s right, I’m not barren anymore;) ahahah!! Anziano Payne is being trained by Anziano Young and because I’m the oldest serving sister in the district, I’m his Mom! Missionary stuff is weird! Hahaha, I love being a missionary!

Today we went to a cute city called Noto, the birth place of Sicilian Baroque! It was really pretty, I’ll never get bored of Italian Architecture! Oh and the tan lines are coming out!!!! Siracusa’s apparently the hottest place in the mission!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week my lovelies!

Love Sorella Tacchi x


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