“We who wear wristwatches seek to counsel Him who oversees cosmic clocks and calendars.” Neal A. Maxwell

Cari miei,

At times, in fact a lot of times in my life, we seek to change the will of God. We do it because we like to be in control, or at least I do and I find it hard to accept that sometimes I don’t know best. For Zone Conference for our Addestramento (discussion thing/whatever it’s called in English) the Zone Leaders and I chose to look at diligence and faith, based on the talk ‘4th floor, last door’ by President Uchtdorf and the story of Abinadi and Alma the older. It was really interesting to study how faith cannot control the agency of others but we need to diligently do our part, accepting that whatever happens is part of the plan. We were watching the Christlike attribute youth message last night with some members, and there’s a part in the video where it shows the end of Christ’s mortal life and the attribute listed is submissive. It it just hit me how I need to be more submissive to the Lord. Unfortunately it’s easier said than done. Coincidently the musical number that we sang at Zone Conference was the youth song ‘Thy Will Be Done’, I shared the lyrics with you a while ago, that song means so much to me because I know he knows best but there are times I’m just so scared to put my trust in the unknown. I guess that will be one of my life’s challenges.

(Photo credits Anz Friedman)

I came across a scripture in 2 Peter chapter 1 verse 5 which says “...giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue…” and I thought how does being diligent help you to add virtue to your faith. Well I was brought back to what virtue means. The word is from the Latin virtus which means ‘valour, merit, moral perfection’. So when we are diligent servants of the Lord we work hard to stay true to the Lord’s will and we trust, or have faith, that what we are doing is not just right, but morally perfect and is of high worth to our Heavenly Father.


So this week was a little crazy, with the tight turn around for Zone Conference after MLC! But I’d say it was a success! I got to see some beautiful faces of people that I love and haven’t seen in a while so that was a nice bonus considering I hardly knew anyone in my district! And I was a little sad to say goodbye, knowing that I might not see some again in the mission… but with the Assistants being here Sorella Lalonde and I had a driving test, and according to Anziano Friedman I’m a safe enough driver to be allowed to drive on the roads of Italy. And considering it’s been over 1 year and 3 months since I drove last, I was on the other side of the road, and I was driving an automatic, I think it went alright… even if I did snap at Anziano Friedman when I told him I knew that you can’t turn right on red…

What was weird too, was that we had our interviews with President in our house… but it was a good chat with President and then Sorella Pickerd, even if she did go over the plans and goals I need to make for when I finish my mission… weird.

On Thursday evening we split the zone in two and I had to lead a gesso. It was so much fun just to talk to people and ask them what gratitude means to them and what they’re grateful for. I believe that gratitude is the secret to happiness, because when we recognise our blessings, we can’t help but feel loved and happy that life really isn’t that bad! I had this one pretty profound conversation with this girl, we talked about Christ knowing us perfectly and the spirit was working the magic, that first conversation ended with me getting her number and giving her a Book of Mormon. About 10 minutes later she comes back and asks me to delete her number… I literally felt my heart break. But I just need to trust that she at least has a Book of Mormon and she knows that she can call us whenever she needs.

IMG_3079(Photo credits Anz Parker)

As I mentioned, last night we were at a member’s house for a FHE, and her daughter has a learning disability and it was just so lovely to see how the mother is so patient with her, and the daughter is just so lovely too! It was such a lovely evening and I really enjoyed their presence, I just felt such a strong love for both of them and it just inspired me to be that little more patient.

I just wanted to tell you about our investigator who is amazing! She’s basically a member already and I just love her! Couldn’t ask for a more solid person, I can’t wait for her baptism so she can feel the redemptive power of the sacrament and the company of the spirit with her always.

Today we went on a hike and it was beautiful, but oh so HOT!!!!! It’s like 40°C, it’s crazy, I’m going to be so so cold when I get home!!!


I know the Lord provides for those who are faithful and diligent. And I’m trying my best to be faithful and diligent.

Love Sorella Tacchi xxx

The views are amazing



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