“Be not weary in well-doing…Out of small things proceedeth that which is great…Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind.” D&C 64:33-34


I was studying about sin and repentance this week, and in PMG there’s a little red box about sin that I’ve always appreciated as it draws attention to the fact that not everyone defines sin in the same manner. And to be honest before my mission I had a misconception of what sin was. For the most part sin isn’t this huge act committed that can cause harm and distress, something so horrifying that it requires lengthy discipline. Sin is just something we do that isn’t in complete harmony with our desire to be perfect. Weaknesses are not sins either. Sins are choices that we make, things that we choose to do, and it’s really not something that should destroy all hope. I love this quote from PMG that says “When we repent, we feel godly sorrow, then we stop doing things that are wrong and continue doing things that are right”. Just because we’re sinners doesn’t mean we’re doing everything wrong, for the most part we’re good people, sin is just something that stops us from being better. Which brings me to repentance, which is another word that made me feel uncomfortable. However, I’ve come to realise that it should simply mean change. An opportunity to be better, and to rejoice in the mercy of our Saviour. I like to think of repentance and sin in this analogy: A Child who is learning to walk, obviously falls, but the parent does not condemn the child for falling, but rather helps the child to its feet and encourage the child to try again. Sometimes the fall is more painful and sometimes the child is left to figure out how to get up physically by itself but all the while the parent is there encouraging the child not to give up. And so it is with our Father in Heaven. He doesn’t hold our sins or our stumbles against us, rather he is there to help us up and encourage us to try again.

This knowledge brings me peace, which is another topic I studied this week in a talk given by Thomas S. Monson called ‘The Path to Peace’, its worth a read! The God given peace that we can find and enjoy in this life is not as the world gives, but rather it knows no end and it can be more calming than that of the world. But we must do our part to obtain such a blessing, President Monson suggests 3 ways: Search inward, Reach outward, and Look heavenward. He quotes Richard L. Evans under the first subheading. “To find peace–the peace within, the peace that passeth understanding–men must live in honesty, honoring each other, honoring obligations, working willingly, loving and cherishing loved ones, serving and considering others, with patience, with virtue, with faith and forbearance, with the assurance that life is for learning, for serving, for repenting, and improving. And God be thanked for the blessed principle of repenting and improving, which is a way that is open to us all.”  We must create this atmosphere in the way in which we conduct our lives, it is through the conduct of daily tasks that we are able to have this peace. I know that peace is obtainable even in the most ridiculous turmoil of our lives, because we know of the promised blessings that await us as we endure faithfully and diligently to the days in which we will be in the arms of our Father in Heaven.

We of course had some adventures this week and it started with me trying a new fruit. That’s right world, Maja is trying to expand her horizons! Haha, well I only like this, what can only be described as a flat peach, when it’s hard and crunchy because I tried it when it was more ripe and I just about threw up because the texture was so gross. So there’s that.


Sorella Lalonde this week had to go pick up her visa near Napoli so I was in a trio for 2 days. But to take her to the airport I had to drive. At 4am. With no street lights. It was kinda scary but we made it!! Haha! Oh adventures in the car!

My dreams have always been strange, and I can only recall one dream being in Italian, however this week I was teaching a lesson in my dream (I guess) as Sorella Lalonde told me that I asked the question “senti lo spirito?”, don’t remember what I was dreaming about but there we go. On Friday night we were coming back from an appointment when the bus driver informed us that the bus was going out of service and that we needed to get off at the next stop, we didn’t really know where we were… so google maps to the rescue again and we walked all the way home in the dark and of course knowing my luck it started to rain! We ended up walking most of the way on the side of the motorway, so that was fun!


As a missionary lunch appointments are just the best. Words cannot describe how much they mean to me, hahaha, I sound so odd and not focused on the work. But they’re special. It came to the end of church and we were helping stacking the chairs, and along comes the news that someone wants us over for pranzo. Music to my ears and to be honest an answer to a prayer. And it was such a good pranzo too! A total of 6 delicious courses! 1: Antipasti of tuna mayo on top of a canned peach (I really liked it to be honest, and I don’t like peaches!!) with a little pizza and a mini sandwich. 2: pasta al forno with courgettes. 3: tender beef and salad. 4: fruit…. 5: typical Sardo dolce called Sebadas. 6: cake and gelato. Mmmmm.

Today we did some shopping in the sales! ”Twas fun and I bought some rings that are typically from Sardegna and they’re beautiful, we also ate out for Sorella Fielding’s birthday and ate Sard food! All in all a goooood day.

Have a great weeeeeek!  Love Sorella Tacchi xxx



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