“Faithful Christians will always be blessed to experience difficulties and disappointments” Robert D. Hales


Well this week I finished the Book of Mormon in Italian! And so I’d like to share my testimony if it, I’m sorry if you don’t have access to google translate.

All’inizio era difficile di capire perché non conoscevo l’italiano molto bene, ma adesso posso sentirmi la potenza di ciò che è contenuta nelle parole del Libro di Mormon. Non voglio dimenticare la mia testimonianza di questo libro sacro, e quindi lo leggerò ogni giorno fino alla fine. È meraviglioso quanto misericordioso sia stato il Signore verso tutti noi perché Egli la Sua chiesa mediante il coraggio di un ragazzo di 14 anni. Oggi possiamo tenere la prova di questa storia e siamo capace di chiedere per noi stessi se queste cose siano vere. La conoscenza del Vangelo restaurato ha benedetto la mia vita più di quanto possibile di immaginare. Ha cambiato il mondo pure. Vi invito di leggere il Libro di Mormon continuamente affinché possiate sentirvi la validità per voi stessi. So che è vero, e rimarrò fedele alla pienezza del Vangelo per sempre. Vi lascio queste cose nel nome del nostro Redentore, Gesù Cristo, amen.

Faithful Christians will always be blessed to experience difficulties…

With the other Sisters in the ward we alternate going to Relief Society and Young Women’s, so yesterday it was our turn to go to Young Women’s. The president wasn’t there and so she asked one of the girls to teach the lesson and this lesson changed my life. It was about what it means to us to take upon ourselves the name of Christ. Hearing her testify of this made my heart swell and brought tears to my eyes. Obviously as missionaries we wear a name tag so we literally have Christ’s name on us, thus we’re more easily recognised as representatives of him. But that only lasts for 18 months/2 years (or less than 2 months now…) but we always have his name written on our hearts, so we need to be proud of him and conduct ourselves in a way that makes him proud of us. He took upon himself our sins so we could take upon ourselves his name. The only name by which we can be saved.

Faithful Christians will always be blessed to experience difficulties…

She invited us to read a talk called ‘Being More Christian Christians’ by Elder Hales from October 2012 and there was a line that struck me, “faithful Christians will always be blessed to experience difficulties and disappointments.” Why did he say that these things are blessings? Unfortunately it’s only in hindsight we can see the blessings. These are opportunities for growth, for accomplishing the purpose of this life. I guess when we face these periods we can take comfort in the fact that the faithful ones are blessed with these opportunities. And the fact that he will always give us these opportunities to become like his son. He will never limit our growth and development. He loves us so much, and I could testify of his love for eternity.

Speaking of love, the addiction recovery videos changed my life too. Watching them and hearing those people testify of God’s boundless love helped me realise how powerful it is. And recently for language study I’ve been reading the guide that the church has produced, its really good and I’ve just strengthened my testimony of the strength and healing that can be found when we use the divine gift of grace.

This week I had a scambio with my lovely Sorella Cardullo, she’s the best! I think I learnt more from her during those 24 hours than she did! It’s crazy how fast time flies because I met her on her first day in the field and here we are almost 9 months later and she has just grown into the most beautiful missionary. I just love serving these wonderful Sorelle, it’s such a privilege that I’ve been given to share a part of the journey of discipleship.

Faithful Christians will always be blessed to experience difficulties…

So I’ve gone all my life with the 4th day of July being a normal rainy summer day in the pleasant land but it’s not just a day in the summer for the majority of missionaries! So for district lunch we had food that you’d have typically in America on the 4th of July. It was fun and I made chilli and tried it with corn bread (there was me thinking it was actually like bread, but no it’s like cake and it was weird to eat it with something savoury!). We had hot dogs, watermelon and tiramisu (I know tiramisu isn’t American but the elders tried to make it look like an American flag and put ice cream on top). It was fun!


We had quite the adventure with our ward mission leader who ended taking us to his house. Between April and October we’re not allowed to go on the beach, but it was pretty to see from afar and maybe one day in the future I can come back and enjoy it!

Faithful Christians will always be blessed to experience difficulties…

I’ve been getting some somewhat odd compliments recently, I’ve been told I could be a model, that I look like a princess, that I look like an angel, and then yesterday I got told I look like ex-Anziano Whiting… I mean he’s great but I didn’t know quite how to take it!

I hope you have a fantastic week, know that I love you!

Sorella Tacchi xxx


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